• Automobile/RV


    Auto Seat Covers, Upholstery and Carpet

    X-Treme Clean is determined to give your upholstery and carpets that new fresh look. Our foam cleansing solution tackles and eradicates those stains. We first use a sponge to work the solution into the fabrics. Then, we use a sponge to wipe the stains away. For those tougher stains, we do steam cleaning.

    Glass and Windshield

    We use a glass cleaner to clean the inside of your vehicle's windows. In order to prevent streaks, we spray the solution directly on the window.


    X-Treme Clean uses several attachments for vacuuming your vehicle. As this process is perhaps the most time-consuming, we prefer to get straight to it. We vacuum under the seat belts, in the trunk, and your floor pads as well. To get to those hard-to-access areas, we use one or more attachments:

    • Crevice Tool - this tool sucks up the dirt or food particles in between your seats, ashtrays, coin holders, visor, gear shift, and the parking brake handle.
    • Air Compressor - this tool blows the dirt out of the hard-to-reach areas.
    • Floor Brush - this tool sucks up the dirt after we have moved the seats backward or forward.
    • For larger vehicles, such as a recreational vehicle or van, we use truck mounted equipment.

    Our auto interior cleaning service is fast, dependable, and reliable.

    Call X-Treme Clean today for your quick and affordable auto interior cleaning!

    Automobile & RV

    We specialize in the following cleaning areas:

    • Auto Seat Covers/Upholstery and Carpet
    • Vinyl and Leather
    • Glass and Windshield
    • Hard Surface

    Vinyl and Leather

    We use a solution to wipe down your vinyl and leather. We then use a conditioner to bring your vehicle's leather back to life as well as prevent it from fading or cracking.



     Hard Surface

    Our solution gets rid of the dirt on dashboards, rubber door moldings, and interior trims. We also get rid of dirt in your vehicle's air vents, panel streams, and radio buttons.