• Pet Odor Elimination


    Pet Odor Elimination Services

    Everybody loves their pets, but nobody loves the smells they sometimes leave behind. Any pet accidents can turn into pet odor and if you’ve ever tried to clean up a pet accident with soap and water, you probably know that will make the odor far worse! X-Treme Clean uses a special solution for pet odors. Our solution contains a live enzyme that actually destroys the odor-causing bacteria. It’s great for removing pet-dander smells, too. Our products are safe for families and pets.

    Scotchgard Protection

    X-Treme Clean offers 3M Scotchgard™ Protector, which keeps your carpet and upholstery looking cleaner for longer and provides protection from soils and spills. We also offer deodorizer applications for all types of odors, including pet odors.